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Bladevampirek 09-13-2020 04:02 AM

Inviting old friends to my Typing Hobby/Racing WPM during the Weekends.
Typing Lyrics of Rap God with 98% Accuracy 104 WPM Punctuations included.
Hello all, not sure if anyone remembers me or not (probably a few does.) I sure remember this place... Back in the early 2000's and 2008ish time was a great time for me here. As you know I've quit SFO many years ago, anyways now I type competitively, feel free to join me here.
If you'd like to have some fast and or accurate wpm competitions. I battle pretty much everyone who joins and wants a set "first to 10" each weekend.
I've had many fun times in Sfo, I remember finding great competition in this game here. Hopefully some of you will come and be great competition in my typing hobby as well.
I shall await your arrival.. I usually type between 6-18 hours during the weekends, depending upon how much time I've got on that weekend. You can tag @Bladevampirek in Discord any time to message me and I'll get back to you at some point during the weekends if you don't catch me online.
My PB there is 230 unlagged for ghosting a short quote.
Sometimes if I can't meet some of my competitors we leave each other "race links" from our profiles to ghost and attempt to out-do each other on wpm & accuracy. On the site if you're premium you can ghost, if not, you can still ghost but you cannot save the race, you can save pics or videos of ghosting and share them in the group as well if you don't have a premium account with typeracer.
Anyways... It would be awesome to see some of my old friends on the typing battle-ground, I am not sure how many wpm is the fastest people here, but I know playing SFO does help a bit with your speed. I think there will be plenty of people who average in the 80s wpm and a few far above here.
I average around 120 wpm at the moment, I type using the standard home row method of touch typing which is standardly taught in schools. If you have issues getting to 100 wpm, I could also help by sending you some training materials to help you get faster and more accurate.

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