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KyubiiNaruto 06-04-2007 01:02 AM

I'm new here and I don' have the stuff to make one I am asking please make one for me. Tell me what you need and I will tell you.

rvca 06-04-2007 01:20 AM


Look through there and i can ask somebody to put your name on one of the tags.. have quite a few naruto ones in there..

KyubiiNaruto 06-04-2007 01:33 AM

Thank you alot and good pics too. http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...cons/smile.gif

rvca 06-04-2007 01:43 AM

lol u pic the avi ?

ah thats cool.. thought u wanted a sig i would make u one but i dont have Photoshop anymore >.< sorry

Request it in one of the shops you'll definetly get one by tomarrow or sooner..

rvca 06-04-2007 01:47 AM


pic from there..

KyubiiNaruto 06-04-2007 02:15 AM

I'll use this one for now thanks. Um I got a cool picture on google I can give to you if you want it.

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