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Bandit04 08-09-2006 09:11 PM

Well, I've been playing SFO for quite a while now..

From my observation/experience, the vindicated servers are hardly being used. Is it because many people are having problems downloading the Game Vindicator, don't want it on their systems, or perhaps don't understand where/how to download it? We have yet to find out..

My Opinion: I think there should only be at least two (2) vindicated servers, one with perks allowed (either Retribution or SFO Haven) and one with perks disabled (SFO Tournament).

I can understand why SFO Tournament Server has been vindicated. It's because you can easily turn off your perks in any of the servers, so there's basically no need.

Now, with the vindicated servers, there's no cheating allowed. It's good to have one that allows perks and one that doesn't (so there's definately no cheating for VIP/Rage-Allowed tournaments, and in VIP/Rage-Disabled tournaments as well).

What your opinion? If you chose the final option, then please feel free to explain why.

puma9460 08-10-2006 12:39 AM

I personally have not been playing for the past 9 months and think that theese vindicated servers were made with good intention but I have seen them not been used sence I started back playing. If they want more people to use this server I think that the new 'perks' should be told to the players *during game-play so that it is known thatr the mesage has been sent out and recived. Today most of my generation dose not want to read the anouncements when you first load the game(I myself do not), they just want to go right to playing the game.

In addition to anouncing the 'perks' before each fight, I also sugest that it is made as short and sweet as posible(no one wants to read a whole jumble of talk that is my age).

By doing those thing I think that players will find the new servers to be more entertaining by enjoying the perks. Which allows the players to use their amaginations and make the very best of this game that they posibly can.

This would also cut down some of the server clutter that I have seen so more people can read what is being said without a constant searce for what their friends have said.

That is just my personal opinion and I'm sure i made some errors with my grammer and spelling within this short statement. Please dont mind any of those for its very late where I live^_^ .

Please take into consitteration what I have suggested.

Klens 08-10-2006 12:43 AM

yes i agree with you there was no need for the tourny server to be vindicated but then i guess he didnt want people to cheat on tourny fights...so thats what gets me confused

azncat 08-10-2006 01:17 AM


masterbob 08-10-2006 09:47 AM

i would use vinidcated server.. but no one uses it
I don't understand why, maybe cause they wantt to fight people who didnt use vindicator?
I don't really know what would be a good solution =/

(-KIllA13-) 08-10-2006 10:55 AM

I think the vindicated servers are fine the way they are. I know there are ALOT of servers. But the amount of people in the DWX server is also alot. I also like the fact that the tournament server is VINDICATED because in a tournament you wouldnt want to be in a disadvantage, someone may/can use "speed gear" which then starts a whole flame war between the opponents. I say leave the servers the way they are. Let the people enjoy the updated version of the game. http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...ns/biggrin.gif

kevin200(ink) 08-10-2006 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (azncat @ Aug. 10 2006,02:17)]Xsouls.


LegacyofKain 08-10-2006 11:38 AM

i agree with you bandit i think there's just abit too many vindicated only servers.

For me at least i like to play where everyone is able to fight,which i think is important because like blockattacks stated in previous threads on the subject not everyone can use the GV.

Ithink one vindicated tourny server and 1 non vindicated server would work better.

Also to my knowledge the vindicated server don't see as much action as the tohers so i think thats why you could un vindicate one or something,perhaps change it into a training mode server-who knows.

Yami08 08-10-2006 11:41 AM

I hardly see anyone in the vindicated servers. The DWX server be packed.

Bandit04 08-10-2006 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Yami08 @ Aug. 10 2006,11:41)]I hardly see anyone in the vindicated servers. The DWX server be packed.


Think of this thread as a wake-up call, because just yesterday, I noticed Dark_Paladin_X hosting "vindicated only" games in the DWX server. It's because most people don't use the vindicated servers often.

Most people who are vindicated don't use the vindicated servers to their advantage, because there's hardly anyone in them.

@ LegacyOfKain: That would also be a great idea. Maybe it would be best to omit one of the vindicated servers (not the SFO Tournament Server) for a VIP only or Training Mode server. There's too many servers not being used..

Any other opinions?

avatar~killer 08-10-2006 01:59 PM

yea i use the vindicated servers even though i will rarely see anyone in them now and them..And like killa said the fact of the tournament sever beenin vindicated is a good idea because you dont want to be fighting anyone for a tournament and there lagg,spead gear etc.

(~Warrior~) 08-10-2006 02:06 PM

there's no need for all of them!

GangstaGoose 08-10-2006 05:35 PM

I actually don't like the fact that they vindicated the Tournament Server, because I'm not vindicated, and I can't even do my tournament fights in there now. I have to go out of rage before the match starts, in my fights now, because rage isn't disabled for other servers.

I think they should make the SFO Tournament Server avalible to all SFO players, because that's where most of the clan and tournament fights are held. :/

Blade 08-10-2006 06:40 PM

Or you could just enter a server with your perks already disabled. For example, if your name is normally GangstaGoose and your VIP, if you made your name gangstagoose, that would disable your vip perks meaning you wouldn't have to use rage to turn into normal characters for tournament, or clan fights.

I think the tournament server was vindicated to stop people cheating in tournaments, because most tournament matches take place there and if the server is vindicated, people have to use the game vindicator to enter the server, thus they aren't able to cheat. I think that vindicating the tournament server was a great idea http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif

puma9460 08-10-2006 10:55 PM

Can someone please just tell me what the perks are. I dont feel like trying to find all this stuff out.


_~APOCALYPSE~_ 08-11-2006 12:28 AM

i just hope people will use them and not crowd one server

Kendestruction 08-11-2006 09:33 PM

yes i think the vindicated server should stay.I heard that those server do not give u lag. http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/buttrock.gif

SSJKarma 08-12-2006 04:41 PM

FACT, you all have been bragging about how cheats sucked in this game. yet since GV came out, no people wanted it, thus clearly wanted to cheats. those servers seems useless because nobody uses them because everybody goes into the first server they see. and the first server isn't vindicated. and since everybody seems to not care about the cheats and all. the servers seems useless.

let me add this...
yet another feature tmyapp worked hard to create that again goes to waste because people can'tmake up their minds !

Bandit04 08-12-2006 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (SSJKarma @ Aug. 12 2006,16:41)]let me add this...
yet another feature tmyapp worked hard to create that again goes to waste because people can'tmake up their minds !


You can barely host in any vindicated server, because there's usually no one in them. I would enjoy hosting "vindicated only" games, but there's hardly anyone in the vindicated servers.

Most people are vindicated, but they still rarely use the vindicated servers and would rather host in the first server, Destination Weapon-X.

I personally thought the "vindicated only servers" idea would be good, considering there's no cheating/hacking in them.

Shouldn't TMyApp re-arrange the servers so that the vindicated servers are first?

It would most likely look something like this:

Retribution Server (Vindicated)
SFO Haven (Vindicated)
Dawn Of Rage Server
Destination Weapon-X Server
SFO Backup Server
SFO Tournament Server (Vindicated)

Maybe that would attract more people into the vindicated servers.

TheCheese 08-12-2006 06:25 PM

i think they should put game vind. required http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...ons/tounge.gif

beyond4real 08-12-2006 09:56 PM

i think there should be only VINDICATEd severs only its
best for the game

limbei 08-18-2006 06:43 AM

well vindicated servers r a good addition to sfo with the vindicator software added at the same time. but i personally think that 1 of such servers should sufice in view of how many people r actually using them. The servers are for only people with the game vindicator to enter so that no one can "cheat" in the game.
However, i think better use for these servers may be found in time to come...

fire23150 08-18-2006 04:58 PM

awwwww no more tourment server for ppl who is not vincated like me. i hate vips that are cheap i like to fight them in tourny server than own them:;):

TMyApp 08-20-2006 10:27 AM

everyone has to remember that the Game Vindicator is a brand new feature/change in the game... and everyone HATES changes http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif

in "theory", there is no need to have GV servers, because you can clearly see in the game and the chat of who is vindicated, and who is not ... the Vindicated servers really exist for anyone/everyone who is simply so sick of cheating... that they will only wish to join a 100% cheat-free and hack-free server

do they have to ?? nope ... will anyone force them ?? ... no ... (since making GV non-optional would piss off at least half of the SFO's community)

... the reason of why there are so many servers is for "backup" purposes of course ... if the Retribution server is down, it's only backup/equivalent is the Haven server ... and of course Tournament server is GV only for an obvious reason: any serious tournament fights should only be held with the presence/use of GV ... if not, then the tournament/fight can be held anywhere (since it really doesn't matter)

... will the order of the servers change in the future ?? maybe ... but even if that happens, i don't think anything will change ... the majority of users still like the "good'ol non-vindicated" days ... they don't care about installing software, cheating, or thinking in any way shape or form ... and the non-vindicated servers provide them with just that... http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif

... extra SFO servers not used ?? ... what else is new http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif ... but you have to admit that we would all rather see that, then to have no servers being up at all http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif

Thunder~Jolteon 08-20-2006 10:37 AM

like me,i could been in vindicated server 24/7 if only the G-V works and stop giving me that lame excuse saying "GV online" but it never activate SFO.i got vindicator on before but not on my cpu,im about to move away to another state,hope the location fix it,i really hope so,so that i can be in 1 and thats where some people will find me at.

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