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Iplay2winIsHere 07-13-2006 12:03 PM

According to the statistics, two-thirds of the people involved in air crashes survive. Approximately one-third of the third who do die could have survived if they had known what to do and almost all of these died from smoke or fire. If it seems certain the plane is going to crash, here\'s what to do while the plane is going down.

Put your seat belt on and fasten it as tightly as possible.

Check where all the emergency exits are, put them in order of priority and plan your route to each one. Interviews with survivors of air crashes confirm that the common element among the overwhelming majority was that they had a specific plan of action and followed through with it on their own. If you have time, study the emergency safety card; studies have shown that you are three times more likely to be injured during a crash if you haven\'t read the emergency safety card.

Take sharp pencils, pens out of your clothes and remove dentures, high-heeled shoes and eyeglasses.

Empty your bladder to reduce the chance of internal injury.

If you don\'t have a personal smoke hood, moisten a handkerchief, headrest cover or shirttail, so if there\'s smoke after impact, you can hold it over your mouth. If no other liquids are handy, use your urine.

If you\'ve got time, pack for outside the plane, such as a sweater or Coat to keep you warm and any medicines you will need.

Cover your head, preferably with a pillow. Then either cross your arms over your calves and grab your ankles or put your palms-forward, crossed wrists between your head and the seat in front of you. In the latter position, it\'s best to slide your feet forward until they touch the seat leg or under-seat baggage in front, so your legs are less likely to snap forward on impact.
If you\'re still alive after the plane comes to a stop, that\'s when you should do the one thing which will most likely save your life, and that is, very simply, get out of there as fast as you can.

In crash after crash in which the passengers survive impact, they just sit there, stunned, waiting to be told what to do. Often, the flight attendants, themselves stunned, fail to give directions right away. When the flight attendants finally do start talking, many of the passengers will still sit there as though in a trance. By the time the passengers finally get moving, the plane has filled with smoke, with flames and/or with panic-stricken fellow passengers trampling each other to get out.

So, as soon as the plane comes to a stop, undo your seat belt, leap out of your seat and move quickly to the exit. Don\'t take anything with you; you\'ll need your hands free to keep your balance in the aisle as you step over bodies and luggage or find yourself being pushed from behind by panic-stricken passengers. If the aisle is blocked, walk over the backs of the seats. Don\'t waste your time crawling on the floor to avoid any smoke; you\'ll only end up being trampled by and/or buried under all the other passengers who are suffocating. But if there is smoke, do keep your head down. You\'ll know you\'ve arrived at the doors when the floor lights are red rather than white.

Do not push the passengers in front of you. You won\'t get through any faster and will only increase the chance of your being punched in the face, trapped by squirming bodies in the aisle or, most seriously, stuck behind a blocked door (see below).

When you finally arrive at an exit door, if it\'s not open, take a quick look out the window to see if there\'s fire there. If there is, run to the other side of the plane and open the door there.

~RD~SHINDSHIZ 07-13-2006 12:06 PM

thankz i think........ i will do wat u said the next time im in a planecrash o.o

LegacyofKain 07-13-2006 12:42 PM

How to survive an airplane crash-By LegacyofKain

Well it's simple really folks......don't go on the bloody plane http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...ns/biggrin.gif

But if you do find yourself in this situation here's a few USEFUL tips

1.Pray to whatever deity you believe in,jesus budda all of them as well as the far to many to list,praying to them might save yo ass.....

2.Find a parachute,everyone knows pilots hide the flipers so make sure to get them and say "flipyou everyone i'm outta here" then jump out

Note: make sure to pull cord before hitting the ground

3.In the event you have prayed and there are no parachutes you are screwed,i suggest using the avilable time left to you by getting off with the hottest person near you.

4.If you did parachute out the plane make sure you can swim and undo the parachute,9/10 ppl will crash land at sea and you'll drown in your own wires etc.

5.No matter what happens be rest assured.......God hates you http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...oticons/Oo.gif

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