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Cwing 03-15-2006 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Nferno666 @ Mar. 14 2006,7:37)]

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Dark_Paladin_X @ Mar. 14 2006,3:36)]uh....

Anniversary: Dark_Paladin_X
Dawn of Rage: Nferno666
Global: blanka09
Backup: TMyApp
Tournament: TMyApp

exactly...and the reasons WHY top scores crashes or you can't log is when 1st server is down because the ppl run to backup and Tournament Server which uses a very OLD CPU and was only put up as a "backup" back when global was dead dead thanks to it's original host going MIA and never telling us...and it's really only meant as the name suggest while both global and DOR have basicly the best computers from all the hosts to begin with BUT nobody ever seems to join them and if we were to get rid of them you ppl would bitch -_-

the order you see is techniquely the best computer from the top to the worst at the bottom, only exception to that is DPX server since his is new...and we all know new always goes on top.

it would be BEST if ppl didn't goto Backup when 1st server is down because of the reasons mentioned above. DOR and Backup ARE ALWAYS up...well at least DOR is...and if it's not a simple PM to me will fix that ASAP. if the authenication server ever dies then you know why http://bbs.projectx.cyberfuturism.co...s/biggrin2.gif


Anyway Nferno everytime i tryo to join the D.O.R server it never lets me enter >=/.

Nferno666 03-15-2006 11:11 PM

it should let u in just fine unless you have your network configuration WRONG which most ppl i talked to who failed getting into have had it...if you are behind a firewall/router only put a check on "OLD CONNECTION MODE" and nothing else because you only need that checked...those who put a check firewall/proxy had their settings totally wrong...that is only meant for schools and such but it only worked back in 2k1...now school filters are not as weak as they use to be so 90% of the time you'll never be able to connect to the server if you using a school comp.

xsouldeath 03-17-2006 01:34 PM

or maybe let the host give 'power' to people who cant host to specify the settings to give people with routers more ability..iuno
by hosting a server u want to throw ur computer internet away and the mostly costs and host everyone's sfo matches?

Dark_Magican_ 03-18-2006 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Vash @ Mar. 12 2006,11:58)]How about this we could keep the original sfo servers too. People can make there own servers and it will be a dedicated server which is like a remote to thre desktop. People could make there own servers and on there desktop there the admin of it and they can assign mods to that server, also following along with SSJKarama idea it could show how many people are on the server on the side or something.

hey vash you know what that can be a reaaly good idea you know mabey like gunzonline you know what i mean anyway i want to keep in contact so here my email darkmagicanx@hotmail.com

Kill_dem_all 03-18-2006 01:16 PM

Why in the hec is another server needed?

We have too much as it is...

The ones I actually seen used are

Anniversery Server
Back-Up Server (When Anni is down)
Tournament Server

the other servers are kinda a waste because NO1 goes in them

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