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Default Re: Vindicated servers

I personally have not been playing for the past 9 months and think that theese vindicated servers were made with good intention but I have seen them not been used sence I started back playing. If they want more people to use this server I think that the new 'perks' should be told to the players *during game-play so that it is known thatr the mesage has been sent out and recived. Today most of my generation dose not want to read the anouncements when you first load the game(I myself do not), they just want to go right to playing the game.

In addition to anouncing the 'perks' before each fight, I also sugest that it is made as short and sweet as posible(no one wants to read a whole jumble of talk that is my age).

By doing those thing I think that players will find the new servers to be more entertaining by enjoying the perks. Which allows the players to use their amaginations and make the very best of this game that they posibly can.

This would also cut down some of the server clutter that I have seen so more people can read what is being said without a constant searce for what their friends have said.

That is just my personal opinion and I'm sure i made some errors with my grammer and spelling within this short statement. Please dont mind any of those for its very late where I live^_^ .

Please take into consitteration what I have suggested.
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