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Default Re: Vindicated servers

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (SSJKarma @ Aug. 12 2006,16:41)]let me add this...
yet another feature tmyapp worked hard to create that again goes to waste because people can'tmake up their minds !

You can barely host in any vindicated server, because there's usually no one in them. I would enjoy hosting "vindicated only" games, but there's hardly anyone in the vindicated servers.

Most people are vindicated, but they still rarely use the vindicated servers and would rather host in the first server, Destination Weapon-X.

I personally thought the "vindicated only servers" idea would be good, considering there's no cheating/hacking in them.

Shouldn't TMyApp re-arrange the servers so that the vindicated servers are first?

It would most likely look something like this:

Retribution Server (Vindicated)
SFO Haven (Vindicated)
Dawn Of Rage Server
Destination Weapon-X Server
SFO Backup Server
SFO Tournament Server (Vindicated)

Maybe that would attract more people into the vindicated servers.
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