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Default Re: -Kenshi- Vs ????

Originally Posted by TitaniumFist View Post

Kenshi, talkiní like u wanna Fist-T-cuff? Cuff?/
Okay, PowerPuff, TFist calliní that bluff, bluff/
Dawg, u a maddog? Nah. Puppy barkiní ďruff, ruffĒ/
Actiní like u tough, tough, flexiní like u buff, buff/
Shoulda said 1 rd cuz ya muscle ainít enough, nuff/
Three rounds? Lol, bitch, u ainít got the Right Stuff/

Who you tryina hussle? Takes mind and muscle if you really wanna tussle/

Monster in meís gin and my mindís the tonic. Together Iím an insane genius, forever iconic/
Call me Peter in a Black Suit, Iím Symbiotic. Mentally Dressed to kill, while you stay moronic/
Ya brain Ďní ya brawn? They keep it platonic. No love lost. Negro, itís y ya bars be embryonic/

Way I fuse my intellectual with my ruthless, u swear that s***ís sexual/
Leaviní men Ďní women feeliní f*****í lifted when they read my textual/

In SFO, everybody on my jock like itís a custom fight stick/
Kenshi, donít hate the ladies if they wanna cop a lick/
Donít hate the fellas if they wanna hang in my clique/
Ken, waní a hand of friendship? U get my fist like a brick/
Spittiní out teeth like I corner-locked u with a spinkick/

You misunderstand battle, think itís about being a fighter/
Nah, girl. Imma show you AGAIN, itís about being a writer/
Iím LP, Custom Zippo. Always lit. U blow outÖ99cent lighter/(LP = Lyrical Physicist)

What you call me ďT-RustĒ eh? Geriatric Dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte?/
Iím a geezer, but Iím pimp-hand strong. 1-Hit KO, bitch, know your part/
Still nothiní but an upstart here outta the goodness of my black heart/

My lvl is OP. Just to piss, u gotta ask me nice ďFist, please, permission?Ē/
Negro, u came war-strapped like a G, props, but itís a suicide-mission/
Round 2-3, Iíll go from to violent aggression like instant transmission/


[EDIT: If you can't tell. I accept the challenge for three rounds. Good luck, Kenshi! Redemption awaits if you want it!]
Originally Posted by -Kenshi- View Post

Titanum-Fist acting like he tough as hell Better Protect Ya Neck
Like It's Wu-Tang On the Mic I've been sent to put you in Check
Pump yo brakes before you make a mistake you can't fix
After I feed you these bars I'll chain you in my Back yard Cuz you my bitch

Watch ya Step Kid You ain't ready for the Lyrical Warfare I Deliver
I'ma masked assassin coming at you like my name was Gostface Killer
Heres the Method Man You a Ol Dirty B****** thinking U-God
I'm Unpredictable I might busta Rhyme an Yell Wuu Ha

He Think he got the Way of the fist Till He Get the Five Finger Death punch
Don't Feel Bad Duce Tried to get over me with the same Stunt
Becoming a Lyrical Genius I ain't Gza but I'll Show Liquid Swords
Talking bout sticking polls up someones ass you know who that was towards

I guess he likes Them Solid Snakes when he talking bout Smoke
Fist don't choke Your next with them Thrift Shop Bars you a Joke
You talk like you you black Guess you Eminem
ShadowSlayer in your ear like fist I can't Believe you Feeling Him

Shadow Least you forget you lost 5 0 to me son go find a Pen
Fist You realize this battle like a Lottery Ticket i just Scratch an Win
Why? Cuz I refuse to Lose again, I think it's a Sin
I know Many Men wish Death on me like 50 Cent

One Day this will all make Sense But I ain't talking Common Sense
I'ma giving Suspense when My bars Commence
Fist you make things Pretense You balling on ya Bitchs Expense
Damn This S**t Is Intense In these battles I'm giving myself recompense

Fist I got the Arsenal for you, call it Weapons of Mass Destruction
I'm done with this battle now leave it for discussion
WE all know you don't pop Nines, you give it too ya Stuntman
Bullying the Hell outta Fist in this battle Now I'm facing a Injunction

In round one, I'd say Kenishi Won
Originally Posted by TitaniumFist View Post

SheKen, girl who sucked off whole teams while they weariní their cleats/
1-dollar hoe, on her knees, mouth full, prayiní ďJesus, send me a beatĒ/
ďHip-Hop Save My Life!Ē Dreaming of ďLupe, Jill Scott, and Kenshi (feat.)Ē/

Imma Lyric Wizard. Time for some Abracadabra s***: Ken, on your feet!/
Call it Magic, u Trick. Wannabe, u wanna be famous? Letís see ya compete/
Make u rapís Emeril Lagasse, duckiní Paparazzi, but can u take this heat?/(kitchen humorÖ)

GIJOE, you facing an original G, and I got ****ing Government Issues/
Black Hawk, when ya girl went Down, she called my d*** Mogadishu/

My spit splits atoms like nuclear fission: peels back human tissue/
When I faced Sha I didnít call her bitch, cuz I save that for YOU/

I refuse to recognize manhood in a lil ďgangsterĒ frou-frou/
Now, come get this bar. Tax that ass til u bust a doo-doo/
(Would anyone else have the balls to write that like I do?)

Told u: I donít give a F***, yet u in battle naming ya rap idols?/
This bitch must be PMSing. Ashley, PM Kenshi some ya Midols/
And u really ride, NOFL. Lol. What next? Rd. 2 = rap song titles?/

Your creativityís hit and miss if it ainít based on ďhip-hopĒ/
I can talk random s***, still have these lines go POP-POP/

Got an itchy trigger finger, scratch it just to watch you bleed/
But u'll STILL go for R3 cuz ya canít BreakXAway from my seed/
Itís like youíre f****** obsessed with me, gotta fulfill a need/

U goní wage war? Uír a toy soldier minus militant faction. Askiní for 3 round action?/
Comical. Itís like youíre Thanos, but live-action. Way u love death: Fatal Attraction/

Iíll feint foí distraction while bodyshots roll up on u like my knuckles got treads for traction/
My bicepsíll work ya jaw like itís manual labor, leave ya in pain like ya catchiní contractions/
Bars double-barrel, sawed off (pump-action), split u mathematical: Now Kenshi a fraction/

Way I kill this Asian and offend his whole family? Call this a Kung Fu tragedy/
But the women in his family can still get the D, donít care if they mad at me/

Originally Posted by -Kenshi- View Post

My hands so big look like i got boxing gloves on that's ludacris
I knock these dudes out with my punches i'm not new to this
Lock me up for Animal Cruelty the way I abused this bitch
Call me Dhalsim the way I spit fire to Titanium-Fist

I killed you Fist i left you on the ground looking white an stiff
Never trust tha Dollar sign cuz that **** a locked snake that can hiss
You was the top of your Game? Guess you were not on for long like a Myth
No Johnny Storm but i got them fire arms, so don't make me get tha Smith

When i read yo bars Fist I feel like I'm Battling Ice T cuz all I see is Colors
Fist ya style is horrible enough to please those who are younger
But I noticed ever since you lost to NOFL you been going Under
Yo punches don't be clear taking to long to get like a Buffer

Hip Hop IS dead the say well I'm about to revive it with this
Tupac,Biggie,Lil Kim,DMX,Cassidy they gods of the diss
Using their wits to open your mind to a Quiz
I'ma pusha T punching you with malice call me Clipse

Writing bars make me feel like I'm rocking off Sniff
Fist i'm sorry i just ****ted on you here take a whiff
Assassination is never done with the noise of weapon
Battle After battle i've had to deal with Rejection of my Obsession

So Without further do I'll leave you with this lesson
I'll Cut you out tha Picture Copy ya style with Profession
In other worse i don't need to use Photoshop to take you out
My Words don't speak for me because my weed always loud

Yall gone think this Living Colour Because Homie I don't play that
Feel Hells Blaze when you get smack by James no Trinidad
If you ain't get that, that was monts previous names use in Wordplay
The Art in my bars like Graffiti I display it no need to respray

T-Fist won the second Round.
Originally Posted by TitaniumFist View Post

Iím old, but Iím JCVD doing epic splits like Iím circa 1990, pre-DVD/

Ken tryina make me Marked For Death but Iím a Hard Target/
Iím in the Bugatti, black Lambo. Bitch, you even got a car yet?/
U on a 10-speed. Get out my lane! Not ready for road tar. Get!/

How many ways I gotta tell u? You NOT on my level, DiCaprio/
Chasing Oscar gold? Dis old man got it like heís Bob De Nerio/

Villain, even tho u tryina murder me, we both know Iím your Hero/
But yo, enough self-praise. Time to off this MS Office Pistolero/

Watch me lay down the Law like Iím a District Attorney/
Way Iíll body this thottie, somebody get her a gurney/

Witness this guilty bitch not hold up under my cross-examination/
Mid-tier, y'all fall back. Iíll splatter Ken, uíll catch cross-contamination/

Kenshi, Iíll strap a nuke to my chest, wipe out ya whole Mutant Brotherhood/
Magneto, Iím Wolverine. Iíll just regenerate, stroll out ya burnt neighborhood/

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, you going to hell, but u can knock on wood:/
Ask heavenís gates open, but when I killed you, Angels sang, ďFist done goodĒ/

Ken, u waste lines on LS, Shad0w, suck up random ppl like a twister/
I only bring up NOí cuz uír his Stan: stuck to his anus like a blister/

U both bitches, but NOFLís the hot one. You? The fat ugly sister/
NOí at the party. You? Home, fisting ya V like ya handís a Mister/

The way you NEVER talk about sexy ladies, them hot chicks/
Itís clear you like baseball, like playing with balls Ďní sticks/

On that ďnutrition programĒ, textiní NOí, ďHow many clicks?Ē/
Taking ďFace CreamĒ from NOí, hoping his lyrical skill sticks/

A-Rod, u on ya "nutritionistís" P-E Drugs. Heh. With NOFLís help, now u in contention/ (P-E = Performance Enhancing. Need I mention?)
Call me Bud Selig. Uppercut this Latino, watch his chassis bounce on suspension/

Next u step to me, keep this loss in retention. Sweat hard when I log on from tension/
Titanium bat knocked u outta this world, call it a Home-Run in in the 5th dimension/


Hope you all watched 60 Minutes last Sunday.
Originally Posted by -Kenshi- View Post

Damn T-fsit Got me feeling like Lil Wayne Sorry For The Wait
But I'll Show my dedication in my bars to prove I'm a Heavyweight
My bars never have a Drought, I'm High off life with No Ceilings
I'll Show Fist How to love but might have him in his feelings

lol, Damn crazy how I made four bars on lil wayne Mixtapes
Leaving you more fu**ed up then Craig after the Video Tapes
Ironic I use a Friday bar today right,fist gimme my money today ight
You don't wanna act hard cuz I'll blast if i have to like E-A-ski tonight

Protect ya neck cuz you just might get hit with tha Wu-tang clan
Ya bitch gave neck to the whole team thought that was ya boo thang man
While you out here in the Streets of SFO letting them 2 ks blam
She was out on the Weekend Loving the crew man.......damn

So Enough about all that.....time to give Tfist this work
I'ma show you how it feels to be put behind bars without paperwork
I just might merk since fist pissed me off i'ma go beserk
I'm have this ni**a so scared he gone tell his grandma " I don't wanna go to church "
Cuz he afriad of kenshi's Ninjas in the shadows they lurk
Make you feel like a young ass Ni**a on coke boy no Lil Durk

So I'ma ask you this question while I'm Burying You alive
an you only got 10 minutes to answer it before you die
With all these bars being sealed on you how do you Survive
Have him feeling like Paul Conroy from buried leave him wondering why
I don't need chris brown to tell you your career said goodbye
Community looking at fist an asking how you get kilt by the new guy

On the Third Round I think Kenshi came harder.

Kenshi has my vote.
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