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Default Re: How to survive an airplane crash

How to survive an airplane crash-By LegacyofKain

Well it's simple really folks......don't go on the bloody plane

But if you do find yourself in this situation here's a few USEFUL tips

1.Pray to whatever deity you believe in,jesus budda all of them as well as the far to many to list,praying to them might save yo ass.....

2.Find a parachute,everyone knows pilots hide the flipers so make sure to get them and say "flipyou everyone i'm outta here" then jump out

Note: make sure to pull cord before hitting the ground

3.In the event you have prayed and there are no parachutes you are screwed,i suggest using the avilable time left to you by getting off with the hottest person near you.

4.If you did parachute out the plane make sure you can swim and undo the parachute,9/10 ppl will crash land at sea and you'll drown in your own wires etc.

5.No matter what happens be rest assured.......God hates you
Don't fear your darkness

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