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Default Re: The ultra mega Ready Button!

Well uhh... I honestly dont think this will happen anytime soon knowing how busy Tmy is, but when I a game some looser (I wont say names) host makes his game, 4 people join, he kicks his partner, puts a brand new person on my team, starts the game, picks 2 shotos, and finaly tag spams, fire ball spams(hadoken), hurricane kick spamm me & my partner to death. *

Soo I was thinkin' theres should be a ready button for player 2-4.
If your unready then the fight cant start. o.O ohh ho. Im a genious.
But the host could still kick you & choose what side your on. sadly he wont be able to switch & kick hella fast & start the match without you atleast calling him a looser heh heh...

What do you guys think?

Im not plannin on making this a poll yet. because i dont think its gonna get added anytime soon.

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