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TMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really niceTMyApp is just really nice
Exclamation [ SFO - 2019 Demotion Contest Winners ]

Congratulations go out to all of the 2019 Demotion Contest Winners!

To find out how you've won (as well as to participate in the winners scavenger hunt) simply check your official SFO forum status, which should correspond to one (or some) of the following SECTIONS (below).

For all those who entered the contest but did NOT win, don't worry! You can maximize your chances of winning next time, simply by following ANY of the SECTIONS below, thus GUARANTEEING your winner status in the next contest!

SECTION 1: (M.I.A.) - You have not kept in touch with the creator of the game, or you have made yourself unavailable to personal communication. For whom it applies: infractions multiply if you were given 182 days (or longer) apologize or fix your past wrong doing(s), and yet you continued to think that you were right, and/or you still thought you could prove something, without remembering your place within SFO's hierarchy, and/or without a sign of remorse.

SECTION 2: (Not Using Staff Perks) - You have not lifted a finger within the community for the last 182 days (or longer). You have not contributed with debugging, testing, or advertising of the recently released SFO Dreams and events. And/or you have not made your presence known enough to justify the continuation of your staff perks and privileges.

SECTION 3: (Misrepresentation) - In a best case scenario, talking to a member of SFO staff should be same as talking to TMyApp himself. Based on your recent words and conduct, you DO NOT represent SFO, and you DO NOT represent TMyApp.

SECTION 4: (Insubordination) - You are incapable of following orders and/or you do NOT understand your place within SFO's hierarchy. You have not maintained the chain of command and/or you have not shown respect to another staff member who is of a higher rank than you. Infractions multiply if you were given a choice via a private conversation with the creator of SFO, and for some reason you decided to choose incorrectly.

SECTION 5: (BANNED: for SFO Hate) - Your words or actions propagate anti-SFO ideology. These include calling for the death of the community, being disrespectful to other staff members (especially those of a higher rank than you) or calling towards failure of past, current or future SFO Dreams and Events. This includes propagating false definitions of the terms and actions behind community donations, or spreading lies in regards to the internal operations of SFO and/or its creator. Infractions multiply if you are in a position of power, where your words and actions should guide others towards proper community conduct.

SECTION 6: (BANNED: for Going Postal) - You have attempted and/or succeeded in using your staff perks and/or privileges as means to harm or destroy SFO and/or it's digital property. Your actions are on par with circa 2kX actions of system4 (where irreplaceable Creed and TMC data, files and chapters were forever lost). And/or your actions are on par with circa 2k19 destruction of SFO's forum by 1hitta and lux (where it took longer for the judas staff to destroy the forum, than it did for Lefty to restore it from backups). Infractions multiply if you attempted to use your staff privileges as means of un-banning the enemies of SFO, or in a futile attempt to ban the creator of the game. By following in the footsteps of postal staff before you ... you shall inherit their fate, and your past actions will be forever remembered by this community, no matter how much you try to run away from them.

SECTION 7: (BANNED TROLL) - You have become an angry little troll who only spews hate and disinformation throughout the community. There is simply no place for you here.
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