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Default The Pick-Up Tournament

Okay. So I bet when you see this title, you'll probably think "What the hell is this?" or "Is this something even related to SFO?" or "This is probably some of the stupid things Kindaru usually does?" Let me say this: No, No and No. What the Pick-Up tournament simply is, is basically a all-out brawl(free-for-all or FFA). And say, Mont beats Lyssa, Ashley and Freeman(I know he doesn't play it much. It's an example). When round 1 starts, the people that each person beat/lost to will be picked up by the person that triumphed over them

Let me add another example(my 1st one wasn't good enough): Kindaru fights Pika and wins, then fights Piko and wins, then fights Pike and wins and so on, the people that I beat, I can select no more than 4 of them. In continuation to "When round 1 starts....", when it does start, it will be a a 4v4 tournament. But let me explain why I added the "Pick-Up". It will actually operate like your picking up someone(like a mother goes to pick up her son). It's basically as I had said before, the person that lost to whoever beat them will be picked up by that person(simply selected by them).

But, what if the same person lost to 2 other people and one of you want to pick up that same player? You get a ultimatum: Trade certain players and pick-up the ones you want(Compromise) or fight each other with swords and axes to death until 1 is victorious(It's a joke I think). The one that is victorious in the gruesome fight will get the player they wanted to pick-up. But, you will be limited to 3 days to complete either one of 2 choices.

Oh, just saying, if your team is incomplete and say you have 2 and the opposing team has 4. What the leader can do is: Use a chess method. Send the queen or the castle(rook) into the enemy territory and try to get as many pieces as you can without losing either one of your pieces. That's the chess method. But, you may consider it suicidal based on how much you have on your team, but its strategy so cope with it(Only the leader may use this method if they don't want to fight but prefer using strategy).

Finally, the 4v4 is not "Oh, this team will fight this team". Hell no. It will be a free-for-all team battle; meaning that it will be a team composed of 2-4 players(a single player that starts a team and stays single[if they choose to] will either be removed from the tourney or added to another team) and the leader or the King(chess terms) will do whatever to get his pawns or whatever pieces to successfully defeat the opposing team. The king can make the rules for his own team, send them to hunt down other teams in 1on1s, 2on1s or 2on2s. Or if preferred, the King can enter, but will only be allowed to do 2on1 or a 1on1.

The prizes will be up to the staff. And I know this is blunt and all, but don't expect anything from my pockets.

TBA- The Mini-Chess tournament(Yes, I can make chess work for a SFO tournament without even using a complete set of pieces). Q&A below regarding the Pick-Up Tournament.

Pick-Up Tournament
Q. Does the Pick-Up Tournament have to be in a specific server?
A. It will be done in any server that meets both sides preferences.

Q. Will there be character/skill restrictions?
A. None whatsoever(Unless asked for by the players)

Q. Will there be certain modes usable?
A. Any mode is allowed to meet both sides preferences.

Q. What happens if me and the opposing person can't come to terms for the ultimatum?
A. Then you simply fight it out on SFO

Q. Will there be a preliminary round?
A. Yes and No. Yes, because it determines who will be active. No, because players may think its a waste of time. It matters on what the player wants. So, basically, it's up to the players to decide for a preliminary round.

Q. What if I want to pick up 1 more person for 5 people?
A. The limit will be only 4. Because if 1 person gets another player for a total of 5, everyone will follow due to inequality towards the teams.

Q. Will there be a points system for each team that wins?
A. No. Unless the players want a points system.

Q. Will screenshots/videos be required?
A. Yes. To verify that your team(whoever fought) legitimately won. Because there will ALWAYS be someone or more than 1 person that will probably attempt on lying in order to get the win if screenshots/videos weren't allowed.

Q. Can I contact you if the Q&A doesn't answer my questions or cause I have more questions?
A. Yes. Preferably through Skype: Keiichi Morisato

Tell me what you all think. No holding back, however, keep it orderly, clean and respectful. If you don't like anything here, then simply don't respond. If you have a problem with the thread, then do not post it here. NO TROLLS or IRRELEVANT POSTS
Originally Posted by DARK-RAIKEN-X View Post
i think blockattack should make a food channel on how to make babies
Originally Posted by Crying-FrEEman View Post
Man! I laugh so hard when i read this i probably popped a hernia, now i might lose
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Default Re: The Pick-Up Tournament

It's a bit much. No thanks.
Originally Posted by Shiny~Latios View Post
If we are talking from today's perspective, right now I think the strongest player in the game is probably Writers, tho I haven't played him since being back, he could probably OCV any other group.


Vote for magnus now. Do it.
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