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How to survive an airplane crash Iplay2winIsHere RaNdOm iNsAnItY 2 07-13-2006 12:42 PM

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Default Re: Survive in the Wilderness Without Supplies

You never know when you might find yourself stranded in the wilderness, so learning how to survive in such a situation could save your life. Many people have had to do just that after a car accident, plane crash, a kidnapping, camping/hiking tragedy and other unfortunate scenarios, where they found themselves in the middle of nowhere.


Step 1 Prepare in advance. Even if it never happens, be prepared by arming yourself with survival knowledge. Although you may have little to no supplies with you, if and when you might find yourself in the wilderness alone, know the basics of survival. For example, be aware of the five basic survival issues--warmth, water, food, signaling and shelter. By arming yourself with basicknowledge, you will better be prepared to deal with the elements.

Step 2 Assess your surroundings. If you find yourself alone in the wilderness without supplies, the first thing to do is to assess your surroundings. This will help you determine what you are working with and what you can use to help you with the five basic survival areas listed above. Look for clearings, examine the terrain, find a water source, look for rocks and caves and big trees.

Step 3 Stay close to where you got lost. This is especially important if friends and family know of your approximate location. Once a search and rescue mission begins, they will know to look for you in the area where you were last believed to be. If, on the other hand, no one knows where you are, look for a clearing in the wilderness where you can send signals. If you are near a road, walk the road until you find a store, gas station or another living person.

Step 4 Leave clues. If you need to walk away from where you are, leave personal items you don't need that will help identify you've been there--a piece of cloth or something recognizable. If nothing else, write on the dirt or rocks with a sharp object. Leave messages.

Step 5 Stay warm. Dependent on your location in the wilderness, it is important to keep your body temperature normal. If you are in a cold climate, warmth is very important. The night is coming and you must stay warm to survive. Look for a shelter or build one with surrounding materials, such as twigs, leaves or broken branches. If you are close to mountains or a rocky area, look for a cave or rock shelter on one side and build up against and around it. Look for an area that is on a hill, in case it rains. Proper drainage is important. Don't sleep in a low-lying area where you will get wet, lose body heat, and expose yourself to the elements. Try to pack your shelter floor with soft, warm materials like dry leaves and brush.

Step 6 Look for food and water. After you have built your shelter, look for food sources, such as nuts, berries, roots and plants. You can live three weeks without food and three days without water. Try to locate both in your surroundings. Learn ways to purify water in advance. One way is by boiling it. Obviously, if you have no supplies, even boiling water will not be possible. If you decide to drink unpurified water that is nearby, you may get water-borne illnesses that may be treatable when you are rescued. You have to decide if that is too high a price to pay. Giardia, cryptosporidium and other parasitical illnesses may be found in the water, not to mention other potential contaminants.

Step 7 Build a fire. This may be tough without matches, but if you wear glasses, use the glass to magnify the sun onto dry leaves. If you don't have any glasses, put the point of straight stick into a piece of bark or flat wood and begin rubbing vigorously between your hands. The wood will hopefully heat and create a small spark or ember which you will then place in a small pile of twigs. If you do have matches or a lighter, collect a small pile of twigs before gathering large branches and logs. Build your fire and protect it from the wind and rain.

Step 8 Signal for help. Your fire and smoke can serve as excellent signaling devices. Any objects that reflect light can be good signaling devices as well. You can use mirrors, a piece of metal, glass or belt buckles. Spend time sending out signals, even if you believe them to be barely noticeable.

Step 9 Stay calm. Don't panic or let fears get the best of you. Being mentally and psychologically challenged are inevitable. The key is to remain calm and keep your wits about you. Breathe deep. Remain hopeful and do all you can to survive and remain comfortable until you are rescued.
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Default Re: Survive in the Wilderness Without Supplies

And watch Survivorman on the Science Channel
IGN: OpticStinger

Most of my SFO Vids have been deleted along with memories but a very small remnant has remained on YouTube. Not the best but one must always be grateful to God for what they have!
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